Optimizing Health-Seeking Habits: The Different Perspectives

Courtesy if clipart-library.com I am usually fascinated whenever I listen to my friend complaining about her last experience at our local hospital. You would think she will never set her feet in that hospital again. But, every time she visits the hospital for various reasons, her list of complaints only keeps on growing.    In … Continue reading Optimizing Health-Seeking Habits: The Different Perspectives

Health Seeking Habits: Women’s Health

Disclaimer I will start with a disclaimer. During my career in health care, I have come across men, women, and children who do not understand the nature of their illnesses even after medical consultation and diagnosis. Lack of understanding means that patients are likely to default from care, have poor medication adherence, often with unwarranted … Continue reading Health Seeking Habits: Women’s Health


courtesy of pngitem.com A few days ago, a relative dropped at our home for a cup of tea. As we were talking, the issue of coronavirus vaccination came up. I inquired if he had received the vaccine hoping to enlighten him on the importance of the jab. The answer is as good as your guess. … Continue reading TOP 10 REASONS THAT LIMIT Men’s Health SEEKING HABITS

Respiratory Tract Infections in Children

courtesy of depositphotos.com Be Wary of Pneumonia July in this part of the world is always synonyms with cold weather. This year, the cold weather did not wait for July to start. By mid-June, the temperatures were dipping very low, a phenomenon that is unusual in the tropics. With this kind of weather, colds, flu … Continue reading Respiratory Tract Infections in Children


BE CAUTIOUS OF DEHYDRATION  In our previous blog, we saw that diarrhea is an underlying cause of fever. Today, we shall look at diarrhea and its effects on children and how you can manage it at home to prevent dehydration. Dehydration is a complication of diarrhea leading to loss of essential minerals and water from … Continue reading DIARRHEA IN CHILDREN