Home Accidents and Emergencies: Open Wounds and Cuts

courtesy of 123rf.com A bleeding site is scary. Sometimes you may witness someone fall and get hurt. The question is, are you prepared to help the person, or is it easier to duck away and pretend nothing has happened? Whichever way you take, there are consequences. To bridge the health gap, we shall learn about open wounds … Continue reading Home Accidents and Emergencies: Open Wounds and Cuts

Respiratory Tract Infections in Children

courtesy of depositphotos.com Be Wary of Pneumonia July in this part of the world is always synonyms with cold weather. This year, the cold weather did not wait for July to start. By mid-June, the temperatures were dipping very low, a phenomenon that is unusual in the tropics. With this kind of weather, colds, flu … Continue reading Respiratory Tract Infections in Children