Bridging Health Gap: Annual Health Education SCHEDULE, 2022

Would you like to have a basic understanding of the causes of diseases and how to prevent them? Gain knowledge on how you can mitigate the many health challenges facing humanity today? Understand how to protect the young ones from preventable yet leading causes of death and much suffering, then Bridginghealthgap.Com is the place to be.

Bridging Health Gap Webpage was launched on 18th July 2021 at WordPress.Com. The aim, to provide public health literacy and educate the public on numerous health challenges that can be prevented with the knowledge or mitigated to prevent complications, disabilities, and premature loss of life.

To this end, 17 articles on child health, health-seeking habits, home accidents, and emergencies were published. To help identify top-priority health needs, a questionnaire was sent to you to give feedback. After analysis, the following are the key findings;

  1. Relevancy of the articles to health needs

It was exciting to read through the comments posted regarding the relevancy of publications. The most common words used to describe this personal feeling were, “informative” “very educative” “helpful” “interesting”, and “relevant”. Looking at these terms, I can only conclude that the information is timely and is filling a gap in health knowledge. I’ll strive to be resourceful and publish evidence sound articles in tandem with my commitment to “Bridging Health Gap” through public health literacy.

2. Frequency of publications

Opinions on the frequency of publications were diverse. Most recommended weekly publications, with bi-monthly taking a second position and once a month coming up third. However, consistently producing well-researched articles, and weekly publications will be overwhelming. With your permission, I would kindly request to post an article once every two weeks (Bi-weekly). This will give me ample time to generate a comprehensive and well-articulated article that meets your health needs.

3. Priority health needs

It was humbling to go through your list of top-priority health needs recommendations. After analysis, the following thematic areas were identified and listed. A point to note is that whether your identified area is captured to be published in January, or in December 2022, it is by no means less important. All topics are equally important and I shall strive to write articles that resonate with your health needs.


Thematic areas

  1. Infectious diseases
  2. Child health
  3. Maternal health
  4. Nutrition
  5. Non-communicable diseases
  6. Men’s Health
  7. Environmental health
  8. Care of vulnerable populations
  9. Wellness
  10. Mental health
  11. Dermatology
  12. Substance (drug) abuse
  • Annual Schedule of publications 2022
MonthsThematic areasThe second week of every monthFourth Week of every month
JanuaryInfectious diseasesCorona Virus (Covid-19)HIV/AIDS
FebruaryChild healthImportance of child nutrition in the first 1000 daysTeenage health (Eating disorders)
MarchMaternal healthPregnancy and childbirthPostnatal depression (puerperal psychosis)
AprilNutritionPrinciples of a healthy dietConcepts of weight management
MayNon-communicable (lifestyle) diseasesDiabetes self-management principlesHypertension
JuneMen’s HealthCardiovascular (heart) diseaseProstate cancer
JulyEnvironmental healthPrinciples of disease controlAnimal bites and stings
AugustCare of vulnerable populationChildren with special needs (autism)Care of the elderly
SeptemberWellnessAnnual medical examinationPhysical Activity
OctoberMental HealthDepressionSchizophrenia
DecemberSubstance (drug) abuseAlcohol and illicit drugsRehabilitation


  • The calendar takes effect in January, 2022.
  • In December, we shall take a break, to allow for end year festivity, relax and recoup, come back prepared for more focused health education.
  • A special article on “Road Safety” will be published on Sunday, the 28 November, 2021 in readiness for your end year travel.
  • Meanwhile, continue interacting with the webpage publications for more health education.

10 thoughts on “Bridging Health Gap: Annual Health Education SCHEDULE, 2022

  1. I am really waiting for 1000 days of a child and about Eczema. Always thankful for the information. Very helpful


  2. Wonderful preparation there.I am set to gain more from the highlighted themes. Wishing you well as you start researching. Thank you.


  3. Thanks a lot Cathy, your labor is not in vain….what I learn here I teach others. Happy holidays dear


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